Musician//Creator//Teacher: Chicago, Ill.



Both of my parents were high school teachers so it's always been in my blood to be an educator. I teach all ages and skills on piano, guitar, and drums. I host recitals regularly so you can see your progress. I teach privately as well as group classes in your home. Please read reviews from parents and students below.


Private Lesson Rates:

30 minutes: $35

45 minutes: $50

60 minutes: $60

If you have more than 1 child interested in lessons, I offer a $5 discount for each lesson. 



"What a true treasure! Andrew has been my son's guitar teacher for almost 10 years. It is incredibly convenient having him come to our home for one-on-one lessons. Andrew takes the time to understand what my son wants to learn to play while challenging him with more difficult pieces. I couldn't be more pleased with his teaching capabilities and find myself very lucky to have such an intelligent wonderful, caring person as a mentor in my son's life."

-Natalie Lopez, Hanover Park


"There is definitely a "cool" vibe about Andrew that translates well with our three boys (now 14, 12, & 10) and inspires them to actually want to practice and play! Having him come to our home each week and take each guy in succession has been a tremendous advantage and allows for us to easily incorporate lessons into our busy schedules. Its not just about rote practice, but rather its about making music! Its been a joy to watch our boys develop their skills and their love of music."

-Karen Veldman, Glen Ellyn


"Andrew is AWESOME! He teaches my 7 year old son piano; and, that is no easy task! He's an amazing teacher who "gets it" and his willingness to share his talent with others is inspiring. I'm so thankful to have been introduced to him and that my son is learning from him."

-Donna Rolf, Oak Park


"Oh Andrew. I went through about five teachers before I found Andrew. What a gem. He is humble, but tremendously talented and educated in music. He isn't a guy who just taught himself guitar, piano, vocal, drums, he's a guy who has lived and been educated in music his whole life. He is a writer, a friend, a mentor, an educator and he'll build you up and make you feel like a rock star! I'm beyond impressed by this guy. I am so happy to not only call him my teacher, but my friend (now). Brilliant. He teaches me classical guitar (I'm 50 and took it up cold), my son electric guitar (15) who my husband said would never be committed, and my daughter bass and piano. He also helps me and my daughter with vocals (we are both now in a band!!!). Fabulous. Ten stars."

-Beth Reidinger, Evanston


"My son had taken guitar elsewhere for over a year and was ready to quit when we found Andrew. After only one lesson he was hooked. Andrew listened to him and found music that excited him and kept him interested. He's very patient. My son looks forward to each lesson!"

-Aubrey D'Agostino, Elmhurst


"I found Andrew through a good friend who takes guitar lessons with him. Andrew has now been teaching my 10-year old daughter for about three years. Andrew was a a replacement teacher for us. We were looking for something more authentic (true learning) while not being "institutional" or boring. Andrew totally delivers. His lessons take a sensical progression and he is patient and affable with kids. He adapts easily to the needs of his students and has even helped our daughter write songs. Also for what it's worth, I've seen his band and they're great -- I say this to vouch for his songwriting prowess and technical ability on the guitar. If you have ever had the urge to learn an instrument do it now. No excuses. The friend I mentioned at the beginning of this review went from an absolute beginner as an adult (I hear people say they're too old to learn which is false) to an actual and really good guitarist! He did this through studying with Andrew and putting the time in to practice. There is no downside. You can only become the musician you've always wanted to be."

-Jack Graham, Elmhurst


"Andrew has been teaching my son guitar for 3 years and he is wonderful!! He has been so patient with my son and my son has flourished under his instruction. Andrew is very flexible in his teaching. We are so lucky to have found Andrew! Not only is he an amazing teacher but he is a great person as well. Our whole family looks forward to when Andrew comes over, we feel like he is part of the family. I can't say enough good things about Andrew. I highly recommend you give him a call, you will be very happy you did!"

-Lisa O'Brien, Elmhurst